alcohol resist

Alcohol resist


acrylic, alcohol droplets, collage on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

the heart hangs in suspension

waiting to beat out a tune of desire and longing

waiting to climb the ladder of more


there’s never too much and there’s no limit

yet it gets harder with the climb

the air gets thinner

the bag must get lighter

as one by one attachments are discarded

the heart beats heavily

it sighs and bleeds a bit

it collapses, then fills again

but keeps on climbing

Monday afternoon muse lesson:  alcohol resist.  Coat the paper with gesso and let dry.  Glaze on some light value color.  Create some interesting shapes with masking tape.  Then come in with some richer color.  While it is still wet but just about to dry, sprinkle some drops of alcohol on.  The alcohol pushes the paint aside revealing what’s beneath, a red beating heart and more.