acrylic texture

This Garden’s Wild!

Every day I pull a few weeds in the garden. Sometimes for as long as an hour, but rarely beyond that. The spring garden is for dreaming and not just laboring. Painting is sometimes for dreaming too, especially now when we need a break from the monotony of sheltering at home.

When I want to do a seasonal painting that isn’t a sketch or landscape “painting”  of some scene before me, I start with textures, like acrylic mediums that have dried on the paper. Then I start squirting inks and spritzing them and watch what happens. If I use greens and pinks, I know I’ll get something suggesting the spring garden, and if I use iridescent inks. . .well, here’s what can happen.


gesso and mica flake textured w/c paper with inks and chicken feathers (fluff)

This garden’s a bit wild

the way I like it.

One might run into Oberon

King of the fairies

or his wife Tatiana

I imagine she’ll be wearing a gauzy gown

with a dandelion fluff border

and her hair spun with spider thread

I’ll ride a lizard’s back into the undergrowth

where insects and birds lay their eggs.

or hop on a swallowtail butterfly

for the ride of my life!

When the wind sneezes

on that big pink puff,

I’ll hitch a ride on a seedpod

and ride it to the fairy kingdom.



Alcohol resist


acrylic, alcohol droplets, collage on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

the heart hangs in suspension

waiting to beat out a tune of desire and longing

waiting to climb the ladder of more


there’s never too much and there’s no limit

yet it gets harder with the climb

the air gets thinner

the bag must get lighter

as one by one attachments are discarded

the heart beats heavily

it sighs and bleeds a bit

it collapses, then fills again

but keeps on climbing

Monday afternoon muse lesson:  alcohol resist.  Coat the paper with gesso and let dry.  Glaze on some light value color.  Create some interesting shapes with masking tape.  Then come in with some richer color.  While it is still wet but just about to dry, sprinkle some drops of alcohol on.  The alcohol pushes the paint aside revealing what’s beneath, a red beating heart and more.