acrylic pouring

She has a lot to balance


fluid acrylics mixed with pouring medium on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

She has a lot to balance right now. Sometimes she wonders if she’s up to it, what with all the competing demands for her time.  Often two opposing forces merge in a fast moving river and she gets taken downstream for a while until she can find a grassy bank or sandy bottom to gain a foothold. She would like to say “It’s my life, my decision what I do now.” But she knows there’s no point. She’d make the same choices and end up here again.

And then she notices. . .how rather perfectly that ball is already balanced. . .

Is there anything more wonderful than watching paint flow?! Tipping and pouring and tipping back another way and watching the streams of color merge. Then maybe someone or some creature or story emerges. In this case it was a woman and the ball she is balancing was a medallion made of poured paint that completed her story. Two very simple paint strokes finished it. Can you guess where?




acrylics, pouring medium, gold leaf, acrylic skins on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

Brilliance of galaxies in dark recesses of molten rock.  I climb through chambers, led by a curiosity that cannot be extinguished by darkness, that sees new possibilities forming in the infinite patterns of nature. The dizzying onslaught vanquishes boredom.  I stand for a moment in a luminous space.

No doubt this is why I prefer making wild unpremeditated art – to stand in the center of a maelstrom and see what happens.  A combination of various experiments here, knitted together.  The only collaged piece is the eliptical shape on the right that slightly resembles a spider’s web.  It was one of my unsuccessful attempts to reproduce the “Sigueiros accidental painting technique” which I found online. You pour a heavier paint over a lighter and it sinks into the lighter paint creating amazing patterns.  Only my patterns never looked like the video.  If you can make it work, let me know.  The results, though, were pretty cool.

I start a new Monday Afternoon Muse Group where we do all kinds of mixed media fun like this each week.  I still have a couple openings, if you’re interested and are “local” to Sebastopol, CA where we meet in my studio.  More information on my website.