acrylic pouring medium

A Lesson in Pouring Acrylics

We poured acrylics this week in Muse Group, using Pouring Medium (Liquitex or Golden) mixed with fluid acrylic paint (about 10/1) poured from cups we mixed it in. The Pouring Medium gives you a leveling paint film with “rheology” or “flow”. So the colors flow together as you tip the paper back and forth. It also gives you spontaneous effects that you could never have dreamed up or accomplished “on purpose”. And if you have a fertile imagination, which I’m sure you do! the image which results might even have something to say!


fluid acrylics mixed with pouring medium and moved with a rubber spreader

I’ve been hanging here a long while. Not at all the budding musician I was at eight when Mom would drop me off at the piano teacher’s house, until I’d endured three years of mediocrity and dread about recitals. . .and learned to play a bit, Fur Elise and all that. . .and then quit.

Fast forward 60 years and another try at it. . .for fun this time. . .until it seemed that the bit I could play had only shrunk.

And so our lovely piano is on its way out now, for sale to someone worthier. No longer will I own that bit of cultural cache. My chin sinks, along with those early dreams of musical excellence (WHICH WERE MY MOM’S, NOT MINE!)

You gotta love moms. I mean it’s great the way they root for you, tell you to hang in there because you can accomplish something great. My mom actually thought I would be an accomplished pianist (like she wished she had been).


Once again this was fluid acrylics mixed with pouring medium, dripped from a cup onto watercolor paper. The marbling effects spontaneously appeared as the paper was tilted! The hungry fish that appeared was so engaging that I created some other fish from acrylic skins. It’s easy to make acrylic skins with the leftover pouring medium mixture by pouring it onto plastic, letting it dry, and cutting out shapes! I glued the little fish down with gel. Now the big kahuna will not go hungry!



acrylic inks in pouring medium, skins, collage on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

Spring, where thoughts flow along the lines of fantasy and do not wish to be reigned in.  They meet along the green fibers of stems and settle in pools of rain water.  Their iridescence gets in the hair and makes it glow in sunshine.  Their scent soaks through walls and beckons like some gypsy violinist.

Join me! it sings. Grab a balloon and lift off.  Take to the pollen rich skies, but not too far, not too fast.  It’s all happening now on this green earth and is not to be missed.

And so on flow thoughts along filaments of spring’s radiant garments.

This was my first attempt at pouring with the Liquitex pouring medium. And now that I read over what I wrote last month, I realize that this was painted in earlier spring when we were still getting some rain and I was feeling bewitched by nature’s abundant rebirthing and a little unbalanced by it.