acrylic painting

Mix Those Media! Workshop

Here’s the flyer for a new weekend workshop I’m offering in November ! 

Screen Shot 2017-09-14 at 1.44.02 PMFor more information check out my website. Feel free to contact me with any questions and to register. Hope you can come!


The Breezy Mountain


I have already switched from the feeling that I have the luxury of time in my month here in Assisi to a bit of urgency about all that I want to do and accomplish while here.  There’s the hiking and the sightseeing and the sketching, but also the studio time in the lovely spacious attic by the open windows where the breezes are always blowing.  I’m in the sponge stage of soaking up the sensory experiences and seeing what gets squezed out on paper.  My fascination is with the mountain rock, transformed into the roadway which glows white at midday and silver at night, the rocks here and in town that sustain the memory of 20 centuries of living.  Add to that the glory of art in those magnificient structures and somewhere in there is to be found the paintings which I hope to create this month. The above is a start, tease, the beginnings of ideas to be explored.

A Video of the Four Hands Painting!

Just three more days left to see the Four Hands Painting show of collaborative paintings by myself and Suzanne Edminster at Phantom IV Gallery in Windsor, CA!  Open 12-6pm Thursday-Sunday at 9077 Windsor Road, Windsor Town Green, CA

And here’s a peek of us at work, though I would hardly call it that. . .enjoy! (courtesy of my son Andrew, home for spring break and helping with the editing)