accordian book

No Need to Panic

This week we borrowed an idea from San Francisco magazine, a glossy well designed monthly with far out fashions and architecture and city culture. The concept: take a picture of interest, crop it off and continue the image with lines that vector off on white space, connecting with other images/designs. In order to have room to honor the white space, we folded 30″ wide paper accordian style into the usual 10 X 11″ size which can be put in the ring binder.


Tri-fold, opens on the left


No need to panic. Just follow the lines. But which ones?

The preferred arrangement is best, they say. 

Seek the strong buttress, the steady beam to hold things up.

But ah! the meandering line is the one to follow for the unexpected and novel delights.

In any event, there’s no need to panic. Follow the line up to the roof and enjoy the view.

Just don’t jump.

The directionality of lines is a powerful force, both in design and as a metaphor for life.  This lesson pushed us all into and through uncomfortable places as we randomly sought design solutions. When these words “no need to panic” appeared on the pieces I was cutting out, I took the advise to relax and maybe trust a bit more in all that white space. There’s so much of it, but it seems to be holding up it’s part of the picture. Who would have thought?


International Contemporary Art Exhibition in Assisi

I’m delighted to announce an exhibition which I will only be able to attend virtually and wanted you to join me!   virtually (unless you happen to be nearby in Italy?)

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 10.42.14 AM

Here is the catalogue listing of my art piece:

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 10.45.12 AM


It is an eight foot long accordian folded painting will be hung and cascaded onto the floor of the exhibition hall. It was painted with acrylic inks and fluid acrylics and will be bound into a hardbound accordian book when it returns home later this year.

Here is the elegant setting for the show off the Piazza del Comune.