Portraits More Recent

I think I would title this one “The Shoes” because they are definitely the star. That and the exposed shins and socks. The picture makes one feel a bit tipsy, like the feeling of riding on public conveyance. But this guy is a pro.

So how does he really feel about it? Blood pressure skyrocketing. Finger in a light socket? Missed his flight? Just got canned?

French diplomat? Who knows? I got out my Fude fountain pen with the crooked nib. Its hard enough to handle that all precision gets lost. So the big shapes, the chisels on the face of an older gentleman can have the emphasis they need. There’s intellect, experience and power there.

The gray toned paper needed some relief but I might have overdone it with the white gouache. So much detail in the hands left out here. I must admit, all those fingers, like so many windows on a building, sometimes bore me. All you need to know here is that they are hands. Period. More attention for the face.

OK, so now I’m caught up with portraits for now. Next batch in a month. Thanks for hanging in there with me. Since I know many of you are portrait artists, questions or advise! about materials or sources are welcome in comments here!

My source for inspiration, as always in the Sktchy Museum app.


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