Coupeville on Whidbey Island

fineliner pen, watercolor in mixed media sketchbook

Each of the small towns I’ve visited so far in Washington has it’s own character. Coupeville on Whidbey Island is no exception. I went back to my pictures from that trip in late May and picked this one of store fronts on the single main street on the harbor. I was practicing a style taught by Albert Kiefer in his Domestika workshop titled Expressive Architectural Sketching. I figured this style would meet with my desire to be freed from the rules of perspective and accuracy! After I’d finished my drawing I realized that I’d missed one of the basic lessons in the course which is to avoid drawing straight lines in order to create more movement and energy in the drawing. Haha! You’d be surprised how hard that is to do. (The course uses markers for color, but I used my favorite, watercolor) The “false wall” in the front of the building reminds me of architecture in those towns in western movies, where the walls seem to tip a bit precariously. 


  1. Love your leaning houses. Old, fading but still standing. I like Coupeville, too. In a month or so, I am spending time on Lopez Island in the San Juan Islands chain. Sometimes called the “bicycling island”…but it’s so much more. Open fields, a lovely Village (not a town), all surrounded by beaches and water. I hope you’ll get the chance to visit.


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