Bunnies and Rhodies

When I start to get tired of this rainy weather, which shows little sign of ending, I refocus on the friendlier aspects of this climate: like a white blanket of snow for Christmas morning! and bunnies cavorting in the garden at Easter! 

blue ink, watercolor, gouache on beige toned paper, Nova sketchbook

I’m sure you’ve wondered, as have I, how bunnies keep their tails so white when they sit on them in the mud. Now that I have two customers dining at the same time on the miniature picnic table I have been able to view and compare their table manners. Not only does Ms Bunny keep her cotton puff white, but she doesn’t put her feet on the table, like her counterpart, the highly athletic, but poorly mannered Ms Squirrel.

blue ink in fountain pen, watercolor and white gel pen

Right next to the picnic table is a  pink rhododendron in many stages of bloom. So I took my stool out in a brief patch of sun to contemplate rhodi- and bunny-ness.

Hope you had a lovely Easter Sunday!



  1. Just a note to say hello, and to tell you that I always enjoy reading your posts and seeing your art even if I rarely comment. I may have mentioned I grew up in Seattle, but lived for decades in CA, so I relate to your weather observations. It seems to me, weather here has its own personality that factors into every decision, while weather in California is usually just a nice background. Get out and enjoy the sun breaks!

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    1. You are so right about the weather here in the northwest! Ten minutes ago the sun was out and as I was getting ready to go for a walk, it hailed quite hard for 5 minutes and now the sun is out again! Back and forth all day sometimes. I liked your description. Thanks!

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