How to Hang (your unframed small art)

There were enough blog readers wondering how I hung my gallery wall of Muse art, that I thought I’d devote a brief post to what is actually a do-it-yourselfers dream. Even I could have constructed it, though I lean heavily on Bob for such things and he always comes through with good solutions.

For years I have been doing these expressive art pieces and they tend to pile up! After I’ve done about 20 of them, they go into loose leaf books, like the ones you see stored in boxes on the right. But it really helps my creative courage to give them a bit of air for a while first. (By the way, the writing I do about each piece is on the back). I think it’s too easy to forget we are creators if we can’t see the fruits of our art time. So here’s how to make your own:

First thing is to find the dowel you can use. We purchased these metal ones (3) at a hardware store. They are 6′ long and about 1/4″ diameter.  The dowel must fit through the eye screw which goes into the wall. We used three eye screws for each of the 6′ dowels. The clips fit over the dowel. That’s it.

And the clips we used: (Sorry about the disturbing safety reminder here!) but if you’re like me you want specifics, so you know what you’re looking for on line or locally sourced. 

I’ve never had a problem with putting holes in my walls to hang art. Best not to be squeamish about that. Trust that the art will always upstage the wall surface! And let me know how it goes if you try this.



  1. Susan,

    Thank you! I’ve always wondered how this was done and it looks so neat and professional. Plus, I like to “air” my sketches and paintings as well, give them some love.


  2. Hi Susan I love your new studio! Every blog entry that you do is inspiring. I recently revamped my guest room into an art studio for myself. I’m doing a lot of fabric collaging so it also includes sewing machine and many drawers and shelves to hold supplies. I’ll em you a few pics. Thanks for the dowel and clips tutorial-so helpful. It would be great if you create a 2 day workshop in the future…
    I leave on Friday for Avignon… for a month! Pinch me!
    Adrianne in Sebastopol


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