Percival Landing: Sand Man

fountain pen and watercolor in Travelogue w/c sketchbook 8 X 8″

Boats have an anatomy just like humans and birds and if I would apply myself to sketching them every day. That wouldn’t be hard here in Olympia, where there’s several marinas and frequent sailing regattas and classes going on, all in the harbor downtown.

For this sketch I walked out on a pier down on water level where I could sit by myself and concentrate. It was sunny but the cold wind whipped up and the palette went flying and the water reflections and even colors changed every five minutes. Gotta love it!

Being a rank newcomer to town I didn’t realize that the Sand Man , a tugboat built in 1910, is the official City of Olympia historic vessel, offering free on-board tours of the tug in return for docking fees: which proves once again, that one of the most efficient ways to learn your way around a new home city is to get out and sketch!  And even better to have the South Sound Urban Sketchers to go out with!



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