Tugboat Annies

ink with dip pen, bamboo pen and fineliner and watercolor in 8 X 8″ hand.book w/c journal

On Sunday my group met up at Tugboat Annies, a restaurant, marina and kayak rental dock directly across Budd Inlet from the spot in my last post. The intention as always was to sketch on location, but the sun did not get the memo about coming out in midday, so I sketched these colorful boats from a picture later in the day.. . and we headed inside to get warm.

. . .where there was plenty of open space to sit and sketch the scene. The football game was playing silently on at least three screens, but at this table friends were paying it no mind.

Meanwhile I made notes to myself to return to this kayak launch site with my inflatable tandem kayak when the weather becomes more hospitable. I guess that will mean navigating around the sailboats though. It looks like every other family in town has one! The marinas are full!



  1. Susan, I so enjoy traveling along with you in your new part of the country. You certainly are not just sitting around but exploring new places, making new friends and finding new areas of interest for sketching. Thank you for taking us along with you!


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