Snowberries and Leopard Plants

I always thought I’d enjoy working in a florist shop, having an abundant supply of plants of different textures and colors to work with. The garden in my new home has new plants constantly blooming.

For a while I would just take my basket out and fill it with dahlias. But then I realized I was missing so much, putting myself on this diet of big blooms when there were berries and heathers and thistles and firs to add texture. It’s so much fun just to fill the basket every couple days and then try my hand at arranging.


Many of the plants are new to me, like the Leopard plant and pink snowberries which I see all over this neighborhood. I always have my phone with me and love to use the LeafSnap app which gives instant identification of plants as well as information about their habits.

Another day I sat on a bench at Capital Lake with Bob to see if I remembered how to sketch buildings in the distance.

The midday light was so brilliant that it encouraged rich colors, as well as speed, since even with a good breeze the sun gets pretty hot.


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