Woodard Bay

My favorite thing about living in Olympia is that I can be on the Puget Sound, in a dense ferny, mossy forest, on miles of trails or a lake within 15 minutes of my suburban home. Last week we “discovered” Woodard Bay Conservation Area which provides habitat for shorebirds and songbirds, harbor seals, river otters, bald eagles, a large maternity colony of bats, and one of the most significant heron rookeries in the state. 

And boy could we hear the birds! The trail to the rookery is temporarily closed but it was unmistakable what was going on across the bay with all the ruckus. This week we hope to take the kayak back and explore the shorelines.

replica of indigenous tribe’s canoe

Yes, it was tempting to hop in the canoe and get out on the water, but it wasn’t going anywhere!

fountain pen and watercolor

So we sat a while, listening to the birds and the harbor seals and sketching!

And Andrew caught this picture of me, unposed, relaxed and in my Northwest element which suits me so well. I kept feeling my father was with us and remembering my early experiences of fishing with him in the Canadian wilds. He would have so loved this place. 



  1. Wonderful to have new experiences that remind you of fond memories of another time in your life: a rich reward for all your efforts to create this change in your life. Your sketch captures so well the experience of being on the edge of a lake…not just the view across, but also the land on which you stand. Love the composition and colors. Thanks for sharing your experiences.

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  2. Your post warmed my heart. You are already at home in your new home! Your childhood memories with your Dad tell the story of how comfortable you are in the NW. What lovely memories to embrace as you meander from place to place. And the photo of you shows a very soft soul lit with joy from the inside out. You shine with love. Oh Susan, I am so happy for you. You’ve begun to settle in, find your way, and make time for your art.

    As I go from one medical appointment to another I pass many of of the 10,000 lakes. They are filled with geese and birds and dragonflies. Boats, canoes and floats, hug the shores. I’m just out of the hospital for surgery on my right hand – so I’m not painting at the moment, but am snapping photos for my long winter wonderland of white.

    Congratulation, you have successfully transitioned from CA to WA. The worst of the move is behind you. The best of the move is before you ~ curiosity, wonder, adventure, magic, silver and gold friends, and self discovery. Welcome home.

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    1. Thank you so much as always for your blessings! I must say I was sorry to hear about the surgery and doctors appointments. You do have a way of making the best of things, which I so admire. You are right that the worst of the move is behind me. I will hang onto all those adjectives about what’s ahead, Surely you are right.

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