Bunny bunny

In my “old home” I used to spend a great deal of my time in my studio, a modest detached building next to the house surrounded by garden. The deal about moving was that the studio would hopefully have some degree of separation from the house, the washer/dryer and every other manner of house chore interruption. In the “new home”, that separation will be a wall built inside the garage. . .eventually. Apparently there’s a shortage of contractors for that kind of work here.

So I packed up my “old studio” with that delay in mind, and built a sort of wall partition of those boxes here. Then I pulled out just the supplies for mixed media play, otherwise sometimes known as my Conversations With the Muse.

studio in the garage

As you can see there are windows to let in light and even the fluorescents for nighttime and overcast days, and the water is a quick walk across the garage. Who needs more that this?! A fan sometimes, but otherwise I’m good.

torn watercolor painting, cotton balls and bunny painting!

The start here was to tear up an old painting, always a great way to start when you have nothing in mind. A bunny kept hopping through my mind, so I knew to put bunnies in. They wanted to hide, but you know they’re not very good at it. The bunnies in my yard are different shades of brown and buff and easily seen on the green grass which they love to munch. In the bunny world you learn to freeze if a possible predator, like one of those towering humans, gets close. Bunny lore has it that you cannot be seen if you stay still enough.  Haha! But when the big bumbling human reaches for the cell phone to get that coveted picture, the next thing the human sees is the white of the cottontail and startled, drops the phone! So I had to paint some bunnies since I couldn’t get a good enough picture to share with you here! Maybe there’s a hidden teaching here, but I didn’t find it. The bunnies are enough.

It felt good to tear paper and paste and draw and all that. I miss my Muse Group but I can sit at my table among the boxes in the garage and be happy to be at play again. Time to do another now!



  1. Hi Susan,
    Your Muse group misses you too – a lot!! I’m glad you’re back playing in your new studio. Now you have anew bunny friend! Also, the 95 yr old lady you met hiking is a real inspiration for me. Thinking of you…. Judy

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  2. Hi Susan,

    I too have rabbits hopping through my yard and caught one on my camera. It is amazing how they “freeze” in place. Your collage was a delight and spoke volumes to me with the “I see you” sentiment on it.

    Although I am not a walker, my sister is. There are all sorts of nature preserves and parks with walking trails around the lakes throughout this area. She walks enough for the two of us and I can see her in her late 90’s still going strong. Your story is a goal for her and I’ll share this post with her.

    FYI…Have you considered a monthly or quarterly Zoom muse group? It’s worked wonders for my watercolor group all last year? At least until you can begin an in person muse community.

    It certainly looks liked you are already more settled than am I. Your space looks huge and very bright – and wonderful! Enjoy

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    1. I doubt I’m more settled than you Lorna. I still spend a great deal of time looking for things I’ve stuck away “somewhere”. It’s always a logical, to me at the time, place.
      I kind of wore out on Zooming to be honest and want to do in-person-ing. Making progress on meeting some new friends here. It won’t be long!


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