Departure and Arrival

Golly, has it been only 10 days since I last posted?!! More like a lifetime ago. Now I know why all my friends were sending encouraging comments to help me weather this move. No matter how positive it is, it is a severe jolt to the system. The best metaphor for the experience is that of squeezing awkwardly down the birth canal.  Leaving the comforts of the womb for a sudden arrival and realizing. . . there’s no going back now! Gulp.

I promised myself I would not stop making art through the move and packed all kinds of fun materials. But honestly, what was I thinking?! Too ambitious, at least for this first couple weeks. So I’ll just take you along as I like to do after I’ve traveled – with a few pictures to satisfy curiosity and tell a tiny bit of the story that is unfolding each minute.

the 80 foot monster truck

June 15 the driver of the monster truck decided not to try parking in front of our home in the country, so the movers loaded everything onto a smaller truck and ferried three entire loads over to a spot on River Rd. to move it again into the big one.

the garden on moving day

The garden posing for a last memory. Friends on the street were stopping by to say goodbye all day. 

Andrew says goodbye

Andrew filling his eyes with the view we’d enjoyed for 21 years, since he was 8 yr. old.

the studio emptied out of all but the floor splatters!

I know, this is a hard one to look at. But I guess it’s part of the moving on process. Art and the comradeship of making it has not ended. The Muse group has a life of its own which has grown outside the boundaries of these walls. Brave words from me as I allow myself to feel the loss as well.

Olympia city harbor, view of the Olympic range.

We arrived in Olympia just after a significant rain. Sunny and warm. The right kind of weather for a vacation and for moving in. But I’ll admit we had been looking forward to rain after months of drought and elevated temperatures in California. Now we face a record breaking heat wave. Did we bring it with us?

the view in the opposite direction from the harbor tower of the marina and Washington Capital building

We moved into the Doubletree Inn on the harbor for a week’s wait until we could move into our new home. Time to explore the city and pretend we were on vacation.

And I did one quick sketch just before sunset, staring into the setting sun. It felt so good to finally get the watercolors out!

fountain pen and w/c Stillman + Birn sketchbook

Stay tuned for more pics of this quirky town (and I mean that is a positive way!) with more than its share of natural beauty!



  1. I really like seeing your journey even though it is bittersweet. Your description of moving through the birth canal is quite apt. I am hoping once the move is complete you can settle in quickly. Love your blog!


  2. Oh, Susan….. I’m so moved by all you are going through. Yes, like giving birth to a new self, a new life. What will the life become, as it grows, over time? What joys, challenges, growth? The depth of the mystery! To trust in the flow, moment to moment…. What else is there???? This I do know, the rainbow is gathering, the baskets of gold and goodies to gather. So pleased to be witness and accompany you and the journey!
    Blessings blessings blessings to you and your family.
    Love, Shawna


  3. You’re moving to another beautiful place, Susan. Thanks for the photo journal of your move. Wishing you well along your journey.

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  4. I am so pleased to see some of the actual transition photos – the huge truck – WOW! The empty rooms with so many memories imprinted on the walls and floors and even the ceilings are whispering: “It’s okay to leave us behind, we will cherish our own memories of you and your family sharing this space. And we will never forget you either.” I was delighted to see that you did get in a bit of sketching. You deserved that time to connect and capture a part of your new home. I am thrilled that you’ve taken time to create this blog post for us. When I moved, in a tiny truck, my sister kept me too busy to breathe, as she was determined to have me set up for living ASAP. Please remember to take your time and breathe and be excited as you open each box and find new homes for the things inside. Make it a ritual if you can and honor those items as part of your time. They will continue to serve you well. It wasn’t until after I was moved in that I could make and take the time to do just that. And I am still in that lovely process of making slight adjustments, figuring out what works best where, and recalling precious memories of people who gifted something, or places from which I picked up a precious new thing for my home or me.
    You arrived in one piece and you will stay that way as you open, unpack & breakdown boxes. But I know you will not truly feel whole until you are able to breathe deeply without thinking about it. LOL. You are loved, dear Susan, and I have faith that you and Bob will settle in to this new adventure – call life!

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    1. As I sit down to write episode 3 of the move story, I have reread your words and find they’re just the added inspiration I need . I’ll save that for the post, but let you know how grateful I am for them.


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