Mission Accomplished!

We have a new home in the Pacific Northwest! Last week, about ten days into my Washington state odyssey, just when I was feeling a touch of despair at soon being “homeless”, we found an Olympia property that we fell in love with. When I say “we” I mean me, and my husband Bob (at home here in Sebastopol and with me on Facetime), and my dear friend Janet who was with me every step of the way, driving me around, helping me with sanity checks, while we explored the area with walks in the woods and on the beaches. And then there was our tireless realtor Connie, whose energy in this thoroughly nerve wracking endeavor never flagged. Our offer was accepted and we move in June!

My best estimate is that moving takes up 95% of ones mental real estate for weeks/months, and possibly a larger percentage of physical energy! For three days after our offer was accepted I took an average of two naps a day. So in between naps and phone calls to arrange details, I would pick up my brush and paint a bit. One day I even walked to a park across the street to sketch a “living table” for a half hour!

watercolor and pen in Stillman and Birn Beta sketchbook

And then a couple more portraits. . .

watercolor on beige toned paper

My weariness shows here! I couldn’t bring myself to finish the clothing!

watercolor and white gouache on beige paper

(Both portraits from pictures posted on the Sktchy app)

And now I’m home in Sebastopol again, enjoying the spring garden explosion, looking forward to seeing friends, and little by little packing and clearing. Will it never end? Ah, but yes!  Now I can see the end and am breathing deep again.

Thanks for hanging in there with me! The blog isn’t going anywhere and I hope you’ll stay with me.


  1. Congrats on your new abode… it’s beautiful up there and I’m sure you’ll be very happy… although I haven’t seen you in a couple of years, I keep up with your blog and know of all your adventures…Best of luck in your move and the coming years 😘👍👌Judy Markoff

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    1. Thanks judy! Yeah, we never got around to a repeat of getting together for lunch. So it goes with life, but we have all learned to stay in touch other ways during this pandemic. Hope all is going well with you and you continue to enjoy those grandkids!


  2. Best of luck with your move. Moving from one beautiful place to another. Take more naps, they’re life giving, and it Will all get done.

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  3. These are certainly exciting times! I was packing all last summer for a move in late October. We took in a family of five and an extra dog into home number 1 while trying to sell it. During that time, one member caught Covid but the rest of us tested negative. Then we sold the home, packed over a couple of months, and moved, with the other family, into our new home. So yes, it is a chaotic time. But in the end, everything that has to get done, will get done! Best of luck!


  4. What a joyous relief this must be for you and Bob. I am thrilled that the right placed showed up at the right time. All is well. Just remember to breathe as you wrap and pack each precious position. And take everything with you. I sorely miss the few things I thought I could live without. But you will live and learn through this glorious adventure called CHANGE or is it TRANSFORMATION. Either one will bring you to a wonderfully delightful outcome.


  5. Oh, my! Congratulations on the move, and the new adventure! I wish you well.

    Altho I have not been a truly close art student, I have enjoyed the classes I’ve taken with you. You’ve inspired me in a few ways that you may not know, especially that Occidental Fools Day Parade a few years ago!

    I’m sad that I will not likely be able to take another class from you but so happy for you to move to a new place with endless possibilities!

    Best to you! Susan Nestor

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