Metamorphosis for real

Sitting in my AirBnB in Puyallup, Washington (near Tacoma) where I’ve been for the past week on the solemn mission of finding a new home for us. I was looking forward to some rain! but seem to have brought the California weather with me. Each day has been a mixture of driving around, looking at properties, FaceTiming Bob (who’s back in Sebastopol packing) so he gets to experience the walk through of the houses and ask questions, and then lengthy strategy sessions on the phone with him and the realtor.

And in between all that is adapting to a new environment with curiosities like . . . Massive multicolored statues of farm animals outside a chain mattress store. . .self service dog wash huts. . .jaw dropping views of 14,000ft snow clad Mt. Ranier from MacDonalds parking lots. . . Well named Happy Eggs with bright orange yokes. . .24 hour gourmet grocery and plant nursery (Tacoma Boys) and lots more. 


Acrylic and gesso

I have watched a butterfly struggle to be “born”, to wiggle its way out of its paper encasing. I stood by silently cheering it on, impressed by the apparent difficulty inherent in the process and in awe of the determination it takes. In some ways I feel like the butterfly right now, relying on my instincts to find my way into this new life, but then complicating it with constant mind chatter, doubts and fears! 

Yes, we’ve seen some lovely possible homes, gotten attached to a couple of them and are making offers. It’s one of those sellers’ markets and now we’re in the buyer seat. Not much chance to paint,but here’s a couple portraits for sanity sake this week.


Watercolor on beige toned paper
On gray toned paper



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