A Bifurcated Goddess of Spring

Spring is the time of year when I’m most content with just sitting and staring dumbly at nature’s exuberances. My Piscean March birthday makes me particularly vulnerable to wanting to weep at the beauty of it all.

But this year is particularly poignant because we are about to leave this gorgeous home of ours for the north country. The house sale is pending, and I’m off next week to find our next home in the south Puget Sound area of Washington.

For weeks now I’ve been living in two worlds in my imagination. Were I a more experienced shaman, perhaps I would move more gracefully between the imaginal realms without the upheaval of loss and dislocation alternating with expectation and exhilaration. But maybe not. 

rorschach with ink and gesso, collage and acrylics on w/c paper

Two sides of the same coin


Me in two places

North and South

East and West

Sun and Rain


A split personality

A here today there tomorrow

A bifurcated goddess of Spring

Dwelling in two regions at once

Traveling the sensory tapestry

Of the be here/there now

A shaman riding the dragon’s tail

Landing softly in two places to

Be ready

        for both




                   Sniff and




  1. Love your split personality painting. I may have told you previously. I love the Pacific Northwest. Went to UW, have family up there. My favorite place in all the world is Lopez Island in the San Juan Islands. I hope you have a chance to take the ferry over there sometime. We plan on spending a month or so up in that area this summer, COVID permitting. Good luck with your search, Susan. I hope you keep blogging. I want to keep up with you.

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  2. Susan, you will be very missed, but I do know the exhilaration of a new beginning and adventure. It is another beautiful area that you are going to. Lots to sketch and paint and muse about. Good, safe travels and may you find the perfect place to live and thrive.

    Thank you for the years of inspiration. I look forward to them continuing!



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  3. Happy Belated Birthday, Pisces! I know you guys will land on your feet, because LOVE is your driver; tell B I sent him his own hug.

    And here’re all yours, dear Susan:

    *airhugs* marybeth


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  4. Susan, Happy Birthday and congratulations on your pending house sale. Quite a month! I love this collage and am so glad we will be able to follow you wherever you go through your blog. Your “followers” will keep following! Judy Merrin

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  5. Susan! Wait! You can’t move now! Nooooo!!!! Everyone will miss you and your talent and art guidance so much! I hear the Sound is just beautiful though. I’m sure you will love it there. Hopefully, you will keep your e-mailing lists and stay in contact. You will definitely be missed. 💔🎨 🤓



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    1. Oh, dear Paula. We have such a lovely history we share and that will remain always. of course I will stay in touch. You have my email and I have yours and I will be blogging and my whereabouts will be known as soon as I know them. Haha! Take care.


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