Post Christmas

Sometimes I enjoy the guilty pleasure of government sanctioned hibernation which we’ve had this December. No shopping in stores, which I mostly dislike. No events to get dressed up for. No house guests or bigger meals to plan for. 

Our Christmas was even treeless(inside the house, that is), though colorful in other ways. . .red and white cyclamens, yellow tulips, red amaryllis, a platter full of lemons and tangerines brought by a friend from her garden, and the most delicious chocolate mousse for dessert! And we spent the day with a rowdy gift exchange attended via FaceTime by Ben in Nashville, followed by a totally engrossing afternoon of jigsaw puzzle. Yeah really.

. . .and time for a bit of sketching at the dining room table.

As well as time for meditation, naps, and sending prayers and blessings to loved ones not here, as well as prayers for all the folks suffering so grievously from this pandemic.

I couldn’t help but wonder if this isn’t a bit like “the olden days” when people had time to read books and sit in the living room together without the TV going. 


  1. I admit that I also enjoy the quiet of these imposed quarantines. But perhaps it is because as artists, we can always find something to do that is art related and we are in isolation when we work anyway. Still, I look forward to hugging my grandkids…I miss that so much!


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