Need a New Perspective?

Confusion reigns these days. What day is this? And when will things go back to normal? It’s beginning to seem like they will never be normal again, whatever the hell that is! Blah, blah, blah, you’ve heard all this before.

So as we chase our tails around the clock and calendar, perhaps we are really looking for a new perspective. That’s what came up for me in the paint recently. . .and I found a bit of hope. Now I just need a giraffe or a big bridge. . .


acrylic on acrylic medium-textured surface, collage, pen, on watercolor paper

Time to get a new perspective on things

Look at the situation from a new vantage point

Hire some new advisors

Change the background music

Watch a new show to tickle the funny bone.

You might have to climb a hill

Or hop on the back of a giraffe

Or climb a tall tree

Or walk across a big bridge

Or stare for an hour out to sea.

But soon, even if you stay home

You will see new things and

The story you are writing about life right now

May grow a happy ending

Out there

Around the corner

Or five years hence

Find that new perspective.



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