Welcome to my studio! (video)

We built my art studio when we moved to Sebastopol, California from the SF Bay Area 20 years ago. It’s a simple building where my creative spirit has taken flight and supported me for these many years through the many vicissitudes of modern life. It has been the home for my workshops and the setting for many ongoing friendships with students. And for years I opened it to the public for open studio events twice a year.

Since the pandemic and sheltering-in-place began three months ago, it has become a kind of hermitage. I have had to cancel workshops and rethink the ways I use my studio, as well as find new ways to encourage myself and others to actively pursue art. In that spirit I invite you into my studio to imagine with art with me.

Since the video here has no voice over, let me just orient you. As you enter you will walk counter clockwise around the room, looking out some windows as well. Those of you who have been here for classes will notice the more open floor. I took down one of the tables to make room to move for streaming Jazzercise classes! The comfortable chair is an addition as now I have the space to read. The paintings on the wall are mostly mixed media acrylics. There are tables to do Muse painting/collage, watercolor illustration, a wall section to clip Muse pieces up as they are “born”, a section for portrait stories of homeless women, and of course birds, birds, birds and then the garden where they live outside.

Enjoy watching the video, while I enjoy imagining meeting you here in person!

To watch, click on the picture or see it here.



  1. I remember the studio and all the good art and discussions we had… My studio which was built around 8 years is my “Art heaven/haven”
    I am attempting to chronicle the art I have created over the years with snatches of poetry and nature….unfortunately our WiFi is so bad here, it is a frustrating ordeal! Love all the work you’re doing with the homeless women…a most thoughtful endeavor and one that I’m sure is very appreciated… Keep up
    Your good spirits
    Judy Markoff


  2. Beautiful video Susan. Wondering if you ever thought about some online (Zoom) Classes. I have taken a couple with an artist in southern. California…..there are disadvantages but better than no classes. Just wondering.

    Hope you as well!

    Vanna 😊

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  3. Thank you for the update; however, it saddens me to think that the muses won’t be meeting there for some time. I am still counting on hosting a gathering here as soon as there are many fewer repercussions from all the gatherings and re-openings of various venues in the county.

    Some people just don’t get it, do they?

    Stay healthy and safe! Oh- please send me the Muse email list. I think Muriel needs one also.


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