Portrait Party a la Zoom

I’m really getting into the Zoom sphere! On Saturday after streaming UsK Talks on Instagram, I attended a Virtual Portrait Party Meet up on Zoom and ended the day with a Beatles Zoomalong. A bit much for one day I will admit.

The Portrait Party was with  my SF Bay Area sketcher friends and we sketched each other. One person would be spotlighted and we had 30 seconds to 10 minutes to sketch them.


I made use of my neutral gray Copic markers N2 and N4 to get some line and value down quickly.


When I started with the light value marker and it wasn’t going well I switched to a Fude (bent nib) fountain pen to get back on track.


It can be pretty nerve wracking to have so little time! I found myself holding a bunch of pens at the ready and forgetting which was which! What to do? Just take a breath and plunge in.


If I don’t put names on the sketch I don’t have to apologize to the person for the result! But you may recognize some of them anyway.


I think this was the final 10 minute pose. Enough time to get out the watercolor.


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