Queen of Chaos

Have you been waking in the twilight zone? Cancelling everything on your calendar until you’d like to feel you’re on vacation – you are, sort of – but then there’s all the articles to read to make sure you’e doing everything “right” from hand washing to social distancing.

Not myself  being in any of the essential service minions, there’s this burden of guilt that so many are working so hard to keep us healthy and fed and entertained, while I am.  . . well here below is what I know how to do, in fact have been doing for 14 years. . .Muse-ing.

And if you read yesterday’s blog, you’ll see this as another example of the Foil Collage technique.

coronaacrylic inks and paint, foil and other paper collage on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

Time to make friends with the Corona while you duck its missiles, shun its messengers, irradicate its spores.

Time to look it in the eye and stand your ground, challenge it to see who will blink first.

Look deeply into the eyes of chaos, but don’t get lost there. Don’t be seduced if it tries to kiss you. Don’t be alarmed by the scenes dismemberment and doom that its eyes project into yours.

Look deeply and breathe. . .

Deeply. . .

Wait. . .

Breathe. . .

and when it blinks first, celebrate.

You’re free. . .

at least for now.


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