The Playful Muse: Mixed Media Painting

If you’ve been thinking about trying out the Muse Group or returning to it for a creative jump-start, we’d love to have you join us this fall!

Each class adds a new mixed media painting technique to your repertoire, pushing the boundaries of inks and acrylics, adding textures, collage, and more.

Like this example below, done in class using applications of acrylic paint moved around with fingers and brushes, scraped out in places and topped off with acrylic “medalions” made with pouring medium in another class, and some cut paper “spaghetti” found in the studio.


If this looks like fun, I hope you’ll join us!

Monday Afternoons

in my Sebastopol Studio

October 7- November 11


Visit my website and contact me for more information and to register. At this writing there are two spots still open!


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