Muse Group resumes: The Grid

Though I’m happy to be home again, sometimes it feels like I’m still traveling, like when I wake in the morning perplexed to not find myself on a trip somewhere. This feeling of limbo has snuck into my art. One brings home so much more than the photos and sketches. The unpacking of other subtler things takes weeks and months.

The Muse Group resumed once again on Monday and I invited the students to start out by picking a design and a color scheme before beginning an expressive painting.

For my demonstration I picked a grid design and started drawing with an ink dropper.


Black ink and acrylic on gesso coated w/c paper, 10 X 11″

There’s a lot to shop for here, but I’d rather just look.

Everything organized with shelves and cupboards and signs

And walkways, crossing signals, streets and doorways, entrances and exits.

I’ll take the open doors and wander down alleyways to more openings

Perch a while in a foyer and watch people

Wonder at the whos and whys and whats of their lives. . .

While my life stays suspended for a while

Held in breathless limbo at the sheer diversity of life.

The colors are right out of Amsterdam! The words describe that experience of puzzling out and absorbing a novel place and “foreign” people. I love to indulge my imagination, to be a bit invisible, like a big eye that takes it all in for the sheer appreciation of differentness.

I just posted the dates for the next mixed media painting Playful Muse Group which meets in my studio in Sebastopol, CA.

Monday Afternoon Muses

October 7-November 11


Cost:$210 for 6 classes

For more info visit my website and contact me soon. It’s filling up fast.

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