“Sketch Artists Capture Coffey Park!”

We made it to the front page of the paper! A treat to wake up to this:


The online version here is easier to read and features lots of sketches, Carole Flaherty’s, Bettina Armstrong’s and mine.

Many thanks to the members of the award winning (a Pulitzer prize no less!) Press Democrat team of reporter Robert Digitale and photographer Beth Schlanker for adding this story to their ongoing series about the recovery of Coffey Park, the Santa Rosa neighborhood destroyed by the Tubbs fire.

And here’s page two:


Carole, Bettina and I agree that this kind of on location sketching is always heart opening and healing for us as much as any people we meet along the way.

“When there’s something that touches our hearts like this, there’s just more in it.” -Carole Flaherty



  1. This is so great!! I think people in this day and age really crave looking at these types of sketches. The sketches make them feel closer to their town in a way photos just can never do.


  2. Excellent work, and what a wonderful article! Have you asked the Press Democrat if you might become a regular weekly or monthly contributor, maybe documenting ongoing reconstruction and/or capturing local events (as you do so well)? I think readers would find both very interesting, and it’s surely a good way to build and maintain a sense of community.


  3. I am very glad to see your beautiful work on the front page of the Press Democrat! You have a wonderful way of caputuring the scene in front of you, and now you get to be an ambassador for Urban sketching!


  4. Susan:  Congratulations!  Front page……WOW…..thats something for the memoryscrapbook…..couldn’t ask for better PR…..really happy for you.  Would love to join youand Phyllis in Graton…we’ll work on a date…..probably not until August some timeAgain……happy sketching XXOOXXJudy 


  5. Such a delight to see your face on the front page! A positive piece of news?!! My my. My new computer messed up most of my address book. Could you please send email addresses of both Carol and Bettina? Also, how far is the SMART stop from the Marin Museum and is there a place to eat nearby? We are planning a trip there tomorrow. When do you leave for Porto?


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