Matsuri! Japanese Arts Festival

Last Sunday Bettina and I met at the Japanese Arts Festival in Julliard Park, Santa Rosa. Matsuri is the yearly festival to share and promote Japanese Arts & Culture. We were there for the second time, to see the dancers and Taiko drummers.


fountain pen and watercolor in Field Watercolor journal, 7 X 10″

The dancers and musicians started on the stage and then gave instructions to the audience and led a dance snaking across the lawn, right in front of where we were madly painting!


Taiko drumming is theatrical and high spirited, martial you might say. The drummers have a swagger. They strut their stuff. It’s not hard to imagine how much fun it would be to join them, especially at the end of a long, frustrating day. You can tell there’s a bit more punctuated energy than precision in this sketch!

You can see my sketches from two years ago here.

We also stopped in to see the Paleo-Mythic art show at Saltworkstudio in the Backstreet Gallery, the SOFA Santa Rosa Arts District, Art Alley behind 312 South A. Street. This is one you don’t want to miss – a multi-media, multiple artist (Suzanne Edminster, Caren Catterall, Joel Bennett, Harry Frank, Luann Udell) response to the earliest art making, with fresh myth-making interpretations. The show runs through the end of the month.


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