Wind tunnel sketching

Our Bay Area sketch friends Cathy McAuliffe and Laurie Wigham came up to the north county (Sonoma) last week on an invitation to sketch the mustard with us and ended up sketching the rolling green hills and winds of Petaluma instead. Not wanting to get too far away from lunch places we started out by the riverfront.


watercolor and Inktense pencils in Watercolor Field Journal, 8 X 8″


Then after lunch we headed out of town, determined to find that lovely yellow mustard on the landscape, but ended up settling for the rolling green hills view of Helen Putnam Park.


Nothing in this bucolic landscape would suggest the howling winds here which turned my hair into a birds nest, rattled the pages of the sketchbook, and dried the paint instantly on contact with the paper.


But as you can see, our hardy group was not to be deterred! Here’s out tailgate gallery.


Back to town again, with the gale force winds continuing, we settled into a bit of town sketching before calling it a day – a mustard-less day, but fruitful nevertheless!



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