Tree Monkeys

The “tree monkeys” arrived Friday morning to take down three (large, messy) sycamore trees in front of our house. I had planned to document the operation reportage-style, and quickly discovered that it would be dangerous for me to sit outside where I could see and likely get pelted by flying wood chips. The two guys who were clearing the wood, as it came down on ropes or into piles, had helmets and giant sound canceling headgear. Luckily I had the perfect vantage point inside, seated in the warmth at the front window.


fountain pen and watercolor in Field Watercolor Journal, 8 X 8″

What a show it was! All the ropes and pullies and hooks and belts and that chain saw hanging in the breeze – a real trapeze act. Starting with a bunch of pencil sketches just trying to catch up with the action, I switched to pen. At this point Matt (of Matt Banchero’s Tree Service) was way above, and I was craning my neck to see out the top sliver of window.


Here I decided to live dangerously and draw directly with the brush. Great practice! but I was missing my pen.


Zach had “whittled” our biggest tree down to the main trunk and was on the home stretch. And where there had always been a canopy of branches and leaves, there was a great deal of sky.  And light. And openess. I think I’m going to like this. Thanks to the Tree Hugging Tree Cutters!


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