Merry Christmas!

xmas2017The holiday picture I’d planned to get when we were all together was beginning to seem like a chore. We would need a “good idea”, like the year we were pretending to take a selfie with cell phone attached to a tree limb and our cat Phil posing perfectly in front of us. Or going back many years to the two little boys cuddling white bunnies (real) under the same santa hats as above.

The ideas for this year were getting a bit too wild and difficult, so Bob said, “Why don’t you just sketch us” and it seemed like the easy way out for all of us, even me! An hour or so later we had our picture for the card, rough as it is (no real likenesses here, but in the ballpark). Smiles all around.

I hope you’ve had a day of smiles as well. Happy holidays!



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