Roy Rogers and the Delta Rhythm Kings

My favorite time of the year, bar none, is summer when free concerts are happening almost every day of the week in one of the many towns in Sonoma County. The Healdsburg Plaza was packed with families this Tuesday celebrating the beginning of this season and raising wine glasses to the amazing Roy Rogers on his slide guitar and the Delta Rhythm Kings of blues. Charlie Musselwhite was even on hand to join in with his harmonica at times.


I actually had to start dancing right away. You know, to kind of get it out of my system so that the pen wouldn’t go bananas when it hit the paper. But then I noticed an artist on stage sketching away and wondered if I might try that as well. In the break I asked Roy Rogers if he would mind my sitting behind them in the back of the gazebo/stage.  So I got a new vantage point, and even met some of the folks traveling with the band. Doesn’t exactly make me a groupie, but I can pretend.


Charlie Musselwhite is there in the red plaid shirt.


This guy Jase Casabella sketches performance style (he’s also a musician) with charcoal in one hand and a video palm recorder in the other. By the end of the performance he had pages and pages of sketches of the band to sell to enthusiastic viewers and a youtube video for Facebook.

Got me thinking. . .maybe I should try a bit of recording with my free hand? There is something so intoxicating about the mix of music and sketching, and my sketches can only show part of the scene.



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