NYC: Part 5

On my last day in the city I’d planned to sketch in Central Park, but the head cold was in full swing and it was another day of gusty cold winds, so I hibernated in my son’s apartment where I’d spent the week with him and his three roomates, all of whom are PhD candidates in Economics at Columbia. Stealth sketcher that I am, I slyly recorded one of their study sessions.


And when the other roomate was home, caught him at the refrigerator digging around for dinner ingredients.


They were so welcoming and seemed comfortable enough having me around, that after a while I forgot my mother-ness and advanced chronological age and was flooded with memories of the joys of communal living in my 20’s. 

NYC45I’ll end this photo/sketch journal of the week with a couple pictures of the skyline from the roof of the building where Andrew works (Diller, Scofidio and Renfro). Looking north here with a slice of view of the Hudson. . .


.   .and east across a darkening sky toward the Empire State Building, with the High Line crossing just below.

New York, I’ll be back! You’ve definitely captured my heart.



  1. Susan as always inspiring.!

    I still can’t get over not meeting you when you were here in Ireland .I gain so much from your work.

    Thank you



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