Live, Love, Celebrate . . .Spring!

Looking back I found this post that perfectly describes this day four years later! And a lovely memory of my mom.

livelovecelebrateacrylic, Masa paper, acrylic faux encaustic, collage on w/c paper

live love celebrate the moment of emergence
the trumpet of vine
twining of stalks
popping of pods
fluttering of seeds
dandelion acrobats of springtime

i wonder how they know the moment
do the stars telegraph signals
on your mark, get set, go?

or do they tug on us all the time
til our resolve to stay boxed up finally weakens
and we begin to live and love
to celebrate emergence once again

A rainy equinox day for which we are grateful, we the people and the plants and animals.  Grateful for Spring’s official beginning, though we’ve had an abundance of Spring days lately here in northern California.  The first blossom on my studio’s apple tree just “popped” and the grape vines are budding out. A Pipevine Swallowtail butterfly was spotted fluttering up in the pipevines where soon the gaudy caterpillars…

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