Internat’l Women’s Day and Day 2 + 3

Today wasInternational Women’s Day along with Day 3 of the 100 people sketches in a week challenge, and I was able to celebrate all in one!


I arrived late to the noon time demonstration in Santa Rosa and no sooner had I gotten a few lines down the paper when a reporter from the Press Democrat got interested in the three of us who were sketching there and started interviewing us. (and here I was worried that we’d look like we weren’t participating!) So I got to talk about Reportage sketching or documentary journaling and how it actually connects us deeply with the action in the moment.


My favorite part is the signs. Note my friends Bettina and Carole, busy documenting! And the hands waving as cars drive by honking in agreement. It was a wear-red day, in support of the Day Without Women strike.

Day Two of the 100 people challenge we met at Oliver’s Market cafe in Windsor.

It was really easy to get our 20 sketches for the day in just about an hour.


When there was a lag in the folks sitting in the cafe, we just switched to sketching each other.


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