The Moments In Between

I carry an abbreviated set of sketch supplies in my purse, ready for when the opportunity presents itself. Here are some of the sketches which have accumulated in my sketchbook in the past couple weeks in those moments in between the business of everyday life.


pen and w/c in soft cover Beta Stillman +Birn sketchbook, 7 X 10″

. . . at Codex Book Fair in Richmond where artists from around the world exhibit their original creations and show and tell to the public.


It was hard to take time away from the looking to sketch! So much to see and learn, but the colorful umbrellas caught my eye.


and my friend Laurie Wigham sat down to sketch with me for a while and took this picture. Meanwhile she did a beautiful watercolor sketch of a container ship in the bay outside the window.


Another weekend we joined Andrew and Maura in the city (S.F.) to explore the Mission, its murals, shops, and fascinating street milieux. Here I’m trying to sketch at a cafe and visit with them at the same time, inside, distracted also by the long line that’s forming across the street to get into one of the trendy ice cream joints.


We visit thrift shops to try on clothes as well as some not-thrift shops like this one. I take a load off my feet to sketch the mannikins.


Life and sketching happens wherever you find yourself and last week it was in the preop department where everyone wears blue bonnets, staff and patients alike, and the electronics are beeping and showing movies of, not stock market trends, but vital signs. The patient did well and I got lost in the wires and buttons.


Next morning I had time to grab a cup of coffee at Starbucks before the exhausting day ahead, hanging out with and caretaking my own dear patient. (Who now is healing quite well.)


It’s a bit of a challenge to get good color application with a waterbrush, which is what I carry in my purse, also a palette the size of a credit card.


But it gets the job done. Life gets down in little bits and pieces in sketches while the memories get reinforced, and a little bit of pleasure bubbles up. Life and art like to go hand in hand.



  1. Love the title “The Moments in Between.” You made them come alive. Often I am in places where I just can not bring together a composition because I can not pin point a focal point. You have given me some ideas.:-)


  2. Beautiful post and artwork Susan. Not ashamed to say it actually made me feel a little emotional. ‘The moments in between’ is so great. Thank you for sharing and looking forward to seeing more. Are you on Instagram by the way?


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