Metallic textures

Did you get an escape this winter yet? There’s such an urge sometimes to flee cold-rainy-icy-stormy-gray- weather. And then there’s the fear of what is happening to our country and the planet especially under the guidance (?!) of our new president. It can bring to mind the peace of a tropical isle somewhere. (Just don’t think about rising sea levels.)  Small wonder that when I put my art hungry fingers to work on this piece, sculpting and collaging with foil, a bare limbed tree took off running with suitcase in hand.

escapeacrylics, inks and foil collage on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

Of course as I type this my son is packing his bag for another move. It was not I, but some members of my Monday Muse Group where we were exploring this lesson, who first saw this connection. Such wise souls!

I’m not going anywhere for a while, and besides, the sun has come out in all its winter finery with dazzling sunrises and blooming Daffodils and Daphne, that most fragrant of pink flowering plants.  And I’m wondering now what was all the fuss about winter.



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