Flood Musings

I hope you are safe and dry. I spent the afternoon in my studio trying to stay simple while feeling the need to put words down along with paint. The Muse arrived, no doubt by boat. The sirens have been real and each time I’ve said a prayer for those who needed to call for rescue.


acrylic, Sumi ink, photo and screen collage on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

(photo art borrowed from Bob Cornelis)

There really is no escape, when you’re fed up with the weather, politics, your health, or yourself. You can try to sneak away, but then there’s the hook that snatches you back. The invisible link that handcuffs you to your life. Sets you back into another revolution of same-old-ness.

But it’s storming now, the pineapple express has pulled into our station, and the sirens scream out “floods!” You’re washing away downstream to somewhere new. Not where you thought you’d be, but somewhere new. And it’s OK.  Maybe you’ll get it right this time.



  1. Susan, your musings and art hit the spot today. We ,too, are experiencing the deluge that country life experiences, and the flickering of the lights, warning us to not take electricity for granted! I look forward to what you see and say about life wherever you are! I am thinking of the sketching workshop in the spring, but am still on the edge about an ailing 98 year old father. I may have to go at any minute to TX. I wonder how that can translate into art??Keep the sharing going. Thank you. Linda


    1. So great to hear from you Linda! Hope you can join us this spring in the sketch workshops. Q: How does being on the edge and visiting an ailing 98 year old translate to art? A: by making art of it of course. Either the kind of intuitive painting we do in Muse group or sketching at the bedside or in the airport. It all helps! I look forward to doing art with you again, whenever it works for you.


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