Sketching Through the Window

Brrr! It’s been cold here. The sun helps a bit, but not enough to lure me outside with my sketch stuff. But our front window affords a nice enough view of birds and cats.


Sylvester has the whitest whiskers against his inky black fur. However when I went to put them in/on with my Uniball Signo white pen, he had moved on. Later I observed that I’d put them on backwards but couldn’t resist doing them over, so now they look like tic tac toe.


Dishes were getting washed in the kitchen while Maura was perched for a while, deep in conversation, oblivious to my pen scratching.


The sunrise from our living room is often glorious for a quick few minutes during which time the colors change from gaudy rainbow glow to golden bright to blue sky. I’ve never been able to paint fast enough to get it, but this is at least the idea.

Poor Phil the cat, who has always been an outdoor cat, nevertheless refuses to accept the freezing temps. He spends most of his time in his fleecy bed or waiting in the sun outside the door to be ready to complain to me as soon as I emerge. Another through-the-window sketch in my spot next to the heater!



  1. Thanks for your lovely sketchers (I admire all of them always!).

    Let’s celebrate all our Holidays together.
    Give NEW people a chance to change things for the better and unite all of us …
    Happy Every Season, my dear friends. Happy New year!


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