Grandma Buddy’s Tree Farm

Winter weather presents some problems for ardent on-location sketchers like my friends and I. But we have learned some ways to get around the cold and wet. Earlier this week we started off with a delicious and warming lunch at Graton’s Willow Wood Market Cafe then headed up the road to Grandma Buddy’s Tree Farm, knowing that there was a barn there and hoping for a bit of heat to go with the Christmas decorations.


fountain pen and watercolor in Stillman + Birn 7 X 10″ sketchbook

We were rewarded with not only a warming wood stove and a fairyland of garlands, electric train set, candy, cocoa and more, but chairs to sit in. I even found a comfy living room chair and wrapped up in the afghan supplied with it.
grandmabuddys2Diane and her husband are the owners of the farm and Diane’s expertise in design is abundant everywhere. She regaled us with stories of Grandma and the rigors of tree farming.

Later in the week Bob and I came back and cut our own Grandma Buddy’s tree, which now is in the living room hung with lights and the Tyvek angels!


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