Some Angels

December is always craft making month for me, and I prefer to do it with friends, whether it’s pine-y garlands, ornaments, or hand made presents. This week I invited my coffee friends, Liz and Sandy and Kay, over to play with Tyvek, a synthetic paper that melts in radically cool ways when you heat it with an iron or heat gun. After our session there were some interesting pieces left behind, and one of them became this angel. We all need angels now and so I’ve dedicated the month of December to inviting angels in.

someangelsAcrylic painted Tyvek collaged onto painted 300 lb. w/c paper, 10 X 11″

Some angels wear their hearts on their sleeves, but I prefer mine dangling. I am incognito in my elaborate angel garb, but I am not an illusion. 

Take my heart home with you and you’ll get it. This transcend-dance thing is for all of us.

I would love to do a lesson on this in my Artful Muse classes, but alas, we would need a lot more electrical capacity for the irons than my little studio can handle. However, if you want to do the painting and “melting” of the paper at home and bring it to class, I have discovered a way to adhere it reliably, crinkles and all, to the paper surface! There are videos on line, like this one, about how to do this first part, which just takes some experimentation. Actually I found out about it from a friend/student in my class. Thank you Ellyn!

Next: Christmas tree angels and a bearer of tidings!



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