Rainy Day at the Mall

Usually I try to steer clear of the shopping Mall, especially this time of year when the Christmas commercial hype is in full gear. (Sorry, is my bad attitude showing?) But it was raining and our other sketch plan fell through, so we decided to give the Santa Rosa Mall a try.


If this guy looks a little wooden, it’s because he is, or maybe plastic. We lucked out and got a table in the middle of the entryway where we could drink our coffee and do a 360 degree sketch.


Every one of these window mannikins had several red and yellow sale tags on them. I guess they figured people wouldn’t see the 6 foot red and yellow sign?


Lovely store window here, even if the paper owl does look like Darth Vader. Here are all the super feminine, sexy clothes that don’t fit my comfort needs, but great to look at and sketch. As usual we had people taking our picture – the allure of the urban sketcher, you know – met the family of a very young artist who shared his methods with us, and got asked if we could illustrate a children’s book. And I overcame a bit of my Mall-phobia with each hour. We all agreed that sketching with friends is indeed a panacea.


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