Moms and Kids

Waiting to meet up with a friend in town I hung out in the Barlow in Sebastopol, where there’s endless opportunities to be a sketch voyeur while sipping pumpkin latte. Yum!


fountain pen, watercolor in Stillman + Birn Beta sketchbook , 7 X10″

This little plaza is ringed by the Village Bakery Cafe, the Nectary (juices), Ultra Crepes and more. At 10:30am it was also ringed by moms and kids and groups of young adults having intensely energized political discussions. I chose the more frenetic subject of the moms and kids, remembering that sweet time of play groups and holding babies.


My first time drawing a “modern” stroller I realized that the many pockets and flaps evaded my understanding. Why are there so many of them?

The three moms and three (I think – they did keep moving around) babies brought back memories of my play group with moms, Maureen and Joyce, in the early 1990’s and the comfort of such fine company.


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