The Supermoon has got a lot of pizzazz! We are treated to it’s dazzling display at dinnertime, rising up over the Santa Rosa hills. So we keep the lights off, except for a couple candles, just enough to see the food. That big ole moon that tugs the tides in the oceans also pulls us out of sight in the liminal worlds!supermoon

alcohol texture on acrylics with paper collage, 10 X 11″

Yesterday’s Muse Group lesson was alcohol textures. Coat the paper with acrylic first, gesso or acrylic paint or medium, and let it dry. Then paint on acrylic and while it is still wet, lob a loose spray of alcohol onto the surface and watch the little circles of it reveal the layer below. Repeat in more layers. Black is great over bright colors or white. Don’t expect to be able to predict what the alcohol will do without lots of practice, but enjoy all the spontaneous variations!

Note: The word “lob” is specific here. A direct spray doesn’t work as well. Spray up at an angle so that the alcohol comes down in an arc to hit the paper. Don’t ask me why. It works better.

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