Inside Out

We did the Mixed Media People lesson today in Muse Group. I took an acrylic painting done in layers with paint scraped back to other layers and added some collage and word.


acrylic and collage on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

It doesn’t matter where you start. There will be someone there with you, waiting for the next bus, or chapter, or age.  There will be company even when your eyes close. They will be there on the inner screen.  Your parents or friends, even the strangers are not really strange but just disconnected, transparent. You try to read the signs, but they’re in another language, so you hang out and wait with them.

Sometimes it gets confused for just a moment. The inside and the outside. The dream and the reality. That’s the border where the creative impulse plays. There’s always a bit of strange to it, else you just get more of the ho hum.



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