Summer Concert-Going


Farmers markets used to be just about fruits and veggies, fresh farm crafted cheeses and such, but no more! Now there’s some really excellent music to tune into, dance to and of course, sketch. We caught the last 10 minutes of this engaging band so I whipped out the pen and started scribbling to the beat.

[Pentel pocket brush pen and w/c in 5.5X8″ sketchbook]


I have a strong preference for Jazz I can move to, and the Latin type knows how to make that work. The Healdsburg Plaza concerts are great for hearing the music, but the bands are in the shade on stage  with no easy visibility. There’s always somewhere to stand a get a partial glimpse though. I guess I didn’t even get the name of this group.


The Pete Escovedo Latin jazz Ensemble played a free concert at the Montgomery Plaza shopping mall and I was way too busy moving to do much sketching.  Did this one from an iPhone pic.


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