Gone Aerial


acrylic inks on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

Believe it or not, this started out as a demonstration of an inks and gesso “rorschach”. I folded the white paper over along the “zipper line” of the bird, creased it, then squirted ink and gesso on one side a bit randomly.  Next I folded the paper over again and smooshed the paint so it transferred to the other side. All the rest is the outcome of whatever nuttiness possessed me at the moment as I charged ink from the dropper into lines of water.

Not surprising, this tapestry of fields (the vineyards on the flatlands below my home) or the mountains (which separate us from Calistoga and the Napa Valley). Also not surprising that I would try to go airborn, but feel the weight of my somewhat leaden human body weighing me down!

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