On the Trail


acrylic, collage on w/c paper, 10 X 11″

It’s a trail leading somewhere; the campaign trail or a spelling bee or a swarm of bees. I am caught in the tangle of it, looking for meaning, not finding much. Best just to step in and hope for the best, accepting whatever comes.

For many years I was strictly a watercolor painter and I thought that only watercolors could give you the beautiful transparent color, where the light goes through the color glaze, bouncing off the white paper below.

However acrylic paints run the gamut of transparent to opaque.  In this lesson we established some bold black on white shapes and then glazed transparent acrylics over to get the astonishing effect of color transparency in sheer color notes. Most paint companies let you know which are the transparent pigments. Golden Paint spells it out in two ways on the bottle you buy!


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