SF Porchfest


brush pen and watercolor in 9 x 12″ Canson Mix Media sketchbook

We joined up with the San Francisco Urban Sketchers yesterday for a Meet Up in the Mission district to sketch the Porchfest musicians.

It’s always a bit of an expedition to drive into “the city”.  It’s a bit like a back packing trip where you have to think about carrying all the possible necessities on your back.  For starters, one can never really predict the weather in S.F., so you have to bring your sun hat and rain coat or down parka and sometimes all three just to be sure. And then there’s the snacks, because once you start sketching, you aren’t going to be wasting time stopping for food or drink along the way. And then there’s getting things like keys and wallet and cell phone and reading glasses and sunglasses (what have I forgotten here?) stashed in safe and easily accessible pockets. And then there’s the collapsible stool and maybe a clipboard, and we haven’t even gotten to the art supplies yet!! And then, where are you going to park once you get there?

But we braved all of the above and we glad of it as we arrived at Buena Vista Horace Mann School to hear the first band The Bogues  heat up the day and call the sun out of the clouds.


Next was the Colonels of Truth (love their title!) playing at the House of Brakes in front of one of the most phantasmagorical 2-3 story murals. This is a true community event with bands playing on many blocks of the Mission simultaneously and music lovers of all ages and persuasions.


Next we followed some of the group through an opening between city buildings and into a secluded garden that felt like another world. All in Common Garden was a wonderland of exotic plants, vegetable garden and bamboo forest.  Under a gigantic avacado tree was Katie Holman, a folk singer soloist who shared some of her repertoire with us in this intimate green shaded setting.

Next year I think I’ll plan to stay into the evening. Walking to the car we passed groups of spectators listening to more bands playing music from a wide variety of genres. I really love this kind of informal setting for enjoying live music, and it seemed that the musicians did as well.


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