Smokin’ again


smoke on w/c paper, inks, screen collage, 10 X 11″

Want a little mystery mixed in with your paints?  Light a candle and smoke the paper. That’s what we did in the Saturday workshop, that and a bit of brulage (burning the paper). The effect usually caused hallucinations of a sort (even without the cannabis). In this image I saw people huddling and was reminded of the novel I was reading late at night about the blitz bombing of London in WWII; people huddling in underground shelters night after night.smokespider

A second one was perhaps equally evocative (creepy?) I used a piece where I had collaged on tissue paper and purposely burned it in places where it was built up, in order to get that brown color.  I liked that so much that I made some holes with the hole punch and briefly placed the candle flame in them for some nice brulage edges. (and sprayed with water immediately to put the fire out!) Kind of spidery. . .and it took a while to figure out what to do next. . .


I started out with a more benevolent floral theme by adding some yellow ink, but ditched that idea and started dripping sepia ink.  And finally cut up an old painting and collaged on the pieces, smoking over those at the end. (I still see the spider, kind of a tarantula, but now he’s safely in a world beyond!)



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